The following are comments from parents whose children have attended the ISU Child Development Lab School.

Our highest recommendation

We have been fortunate to have the opportunity for all three of our children to attend The ISU Child Development Laboratory School. Each has been in this care from infant through pre-school (age five). Two have since “graduated” to elementary and our youngest will be starting her third year. We truly believe our daycare investment is at least as important as saving to help pay for college. The Lab School has and continues to provide a stable/dependable, compassionate and learning atmosphere. This is led by excellent, experienced teachers and staff who hold appropriate undergraduate and graduate degrees in various child care/child education related fields. The additional constant influx of college aged youth educators in-training provides a wonderful experience for all the children, staff and students. We couldn’t give a higher recommendation.
Kevin and Emily Jensen

Well prepared for kindergarten

We loved the Child Development Laboratory School from the very first day we dropped off our son! They truly are an extension of our family. We were always confident that our son was loved and cared for by incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable staff. The level of expertise and training of the teachers and staff are top notch. It was difficult to say goodbye when our son went to kindergarten but we are so grateful for how well prepared he was for the transition. We miss seeing our lab school family every day!
Kathleen Harrison

Caring, creative, and hardworking staff

Our daughter Olivia has spent 3 years from Lab 2 to Lab 4 here. It is a place she proudly showed around when her cousins visited us. “I like my school, because I made my best friends. Toys are fun, and I got to go outside to play,” said Olivia. We like it here, because teachers and staff are caring, creative, and hard working professional educators. It is small so Olivia got a lot of attention from teachers, student helpers. It is unique because it mixes fun play with creative education such as PE class, little chemistry adventure, musical instrument show, and etc. We will miss you, Lab School friends!
-Yue Wu and Bo Xie

Home away from home

First and foremost, THANK YOU to the amazing staff, professionals and students, at the lab school. It has been the best experience for my family that I can possibly ask for in caring for my children. Our second child EJ, who is 2, has been attending since he was 2 months old. I have felt a great comfort and security in knowing that he has been cared for as if he were their own. The lab school really is a home away from home; he knows everyone by name. EJ’s growth and skill development over the past couple of years has been remarkable. The most profound has been the fact that he began communicating using sign language and now has a verbal vocabulary that is beyond measure for a 2 year old. The diverse activities and exploratory learning has provided EJ with a wide variety of experiences that have sparked his love for reading and art. If you have the opportunity to enroll your child in the lab school, don’t hesitate. I highly recommend it and you will be highly satisfied. 
LeQuetia Ancar

Friendly staff and prime location

The Lab School was the perfect preschool experience for our daughter and us. Our favorite parts of the Lab School were (1) the friendly staff--from the parent coordinator and director to the kitchen staff and our daughter's teachers; (2) it's prime location on ISU campus, so that we could efficiently get to and from work from the preschool but also so that we could participate in the many field trips the kids participated in (interactive/hands-on trips to the chemistry department, Reiman Gardens, walks around the quad, etc); and (3) the ability for us to have lunch with our daughter and their friends (sitting in teeny tiny chairs) on a regular basis. Our daughter was *always* happy to attend the preschool, and would always loath to leave the playground at the end of the day. She still gives her teachers long hugs when she sees them around town, and we still get together with other students' families for birthday parties, a whole year after our daughter left for kindergarten. Thanks for everything so far, Lab School staff!
Alison Phillips and Marcus Crede